The Gin & Tonic and Esprit d’Epices sachets as well as our Siro Kann complete the range.

Gin & Tonic

The Gin & Tonic Fusion range includes convenient and inviting combinations of botanicals, dried fruits, and spices to garnish and enhance your G&T experience. The different pairings add a touch of style and flavour to please every palate and match every moment. Available in 3 different pairings: Citrus; Pineapple & Ginger and Calamondin & Cinnamon.

Siro Kann

In line with Domaine de Labourdonnais’ environment-friendly philosophy, Distillerie De Labourdonnais has embarked on a new adventure, and started producing its own sugar syrup, Siro Kann.

The syrup is produced from a special variety of sugarcane grown on the Domaine De Labourdonnais.

Siro Kann is defined as a raw or unrefined natural sugar syrup, which means it retains almost all the micronutrients present in the juice itself.

This type of syrup has a desirable taste and can be used as honey replacement but will give an added flavour profile to your dishes and cocktails.

Esprit d’Épices

Esprit d’Épices bags contain dried fruits, spices and leaves, mixed together according to established recipes to enable the making of homemade “rhum arrangé”. Six different recipes are available: Mojito, Citrus (orange zest, lemon and vanilla pod), Vanilla & Pineapple, Combava (combava leaves, cinnamon, orange zest, four-spice leaves and vanilla pod), Spices (orange zest, star anise, vanilla pod, cinnamon leaves and lemongrass), Ginger & Lemon (lemon, vanilla pod, ginger, citrus leaves and cinnamon leaves).