A bit of history

Established in 1774, Domaine de Labourdonnais is situated in the North of Mauritius, in the middle of beautiful gardens and lush orchards. Multiple activities revolve around its exceptional natural and cultural heritage, thus making DDL (Domaine de Labourdonnais Ltée) a diversified business.
With its roots in agriculture, DDL diversified its activities to introduce a rum distillery, Distillerie de Labourdonnais, on its estate in 2006.

Our rums

Distillerie de Labourdonnais offers four categories of Rums, namely: Classic, Liqueur, Prestige, and Artisanal.

Other products

Gin & Tonic, Esprit d’Epices and Siro Kann supplement our range.

Our Signature Cocktails

Cheer up your days or evenings with our delicious cocktail recipes.

Our services

We offer three different services to our customers: white bulk, aging of the rum in our cellar or even personalisation of labels.

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